Why Duke essay strategies that hit a home run

Why Duke essay strategies that hit a home run
Table of Contents
  1. Why Duke essay strategies that hit a home run
  2. The Why Duke Essay Prompts
  3. The Purpose of the Why Duke Essay
  4. What to Write About in Your Why Duke Essay?
  5. Writing a Great Why Duke Essay
  6. Step 1. Select one idea
  7. Step 2. Put down the structure
  8. Step 3. Fill in the sections
  9. Step 4. Edit
  10. Conclusion

Duke is a community of intellectuals who stand out from the crowd. The university united a group of people around the research institution founded back in 1838 in a small town of Trinity. Nowadays, this institution has millions of avid admirers who want to join the community. It takes more than a desire to experience the opportunities Duke offers. Let’s discuss all aspects of the university admission process and writing of “Why Duke essay”.

Although Duke University is not on the list of Ivy League privileged schools, its reputation is pretty impeccable. The latest acceptance rate is 5.7%. So, every applicant who passed the boards successfully feels not less privileged than a Harvard student. 

Becoming a part of the Duke team is a hard and thorny path. Admission requirements become central for every applicant. Understanding the tasks you will be asked to complete is key to success. The main focus is pointed at Why Duke admission essay writing. This quite short, precise, and easy at a first glance essay prompt decides the future of your application. Hence, before you apply, conduct a thorough study of the Duke prompt instructions together with our  admissions essay writing service.

The Why Duke Essay Prompts 

It is not a mistake to start revising how to write an application essay writing recommendations. Bear in mind though that every institution wants to be unique, so they ask every future student to write different assignments for them. The overall application to Duke requires your grade transcripts, tests, essays, writing recommendation letters, and supplements. If you passed the bureaucracy stage and collected the paperwork, it is high time to look into the description of the essay section. 

Both Coalition and Common applications will require essays, the difference will be in the number and topics of options to select from. The topic list is announced every year, for the Common app, for example, the student will have 7options. These texts belong to the category of long essays. 

The next type of essay required is a short essay prompt. For those entering engineering specialties, in Pratt, there will be a task to explain the reason why you fit into the professor and student community of the school. The applicants looking into entering Arts & Sciences receive a similar assignment, asking them what is special about the school that attracted their attention.  

The third and optional prompt a student is offered to complete is the answer to one of two questions. 

The Purpose of the Why Duke Essay

Every task completed by applicants is designed to learn more about their background. For sure, the grades paint some image of a student but the essays let the personality open up more. Duke supplemental essays aim to sieve all the information and find the principles that lay in a candidate’s worldview. 

The evaluators are looking to identify the candidates who fit into the existing campus life, not only the academic aspect. Hence, the essay is an opportunity to highlight the interest you have, and prove that you are a match. The tip is not to compile a list of adjectives that describe your bright personality but illustrate everything with an example.

What to Write About in Your Why Duke Essay? 

As soon as you get acquainted with the application form requirements, select the list of essays you are going to write. The next step is to start practicing. Practice will test your existing skills, and show the gaps in your knowledge. Another tip is to look into the published series of successful essays. The colleges publish the stories that touched them most and got students their places in the program. In most cases, techniques of description score most points for a text. The idea might not be that innovative, but the way a person interpreted it with their own words makes difference. Here is a list of ideas that you can practice on:

  • A change your actions/ activity/project made in your local community
  • A mistake you made that changed your life 
  • A person who inspired or discouraged you in life
  • The inequality you witnessed and your thoughts on how to fight it
  • How difference between you and your friends/colleges help you realize that every person is unique and we should exchange our experiences to improve social wellbeing

Writing a Great Why Duke Essay

If you memorize these steps, they will serve as a framework for all your college essays. 

Step 1. Select one idea

Start with selecting the college essay ideas/ story/ issue that you can analyze well and provide proper conclusions. The essay is not just a narration. It is also a showcase of your ability to point out your opinion.

Step 2. Put down the structure

Draw a scheme of the sections. As always, you start with the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion follow. Divide the main body of the text into parts as well. 

Step 3. Fill in the sections

Remember about the limitation in the number of words for every essay. So, your introduction cannot contain many words if the total amount is 250. It is worth putting more into the conclusion. 

Step 4. Edit 

The stage of editing and correcting mistakes is the time to also revise the structure. The aim is to present the idea in a well- structured way, so the person who does not know you and your background could understand. This step is essential for every essay be it Duke, Caltech supplemental essays, Boston University supplemental essays, or Why Cornell engineering essay.


Whether you have a passion for writing or science, Duke opportunity is only available if you pass the essay prompt with the flying colors. Hence, consider what your options are and look into the writing assistance solutions. In the end, the admission essay should not stand on your way. It can easily be fixed for you by a qualified specialist.