Creating a Successful Boston College Supplement Essay

Creating a Successful Boston College Supplement Essay
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  1. Creating a Successful Boston College Supplement Essay
  2. Information About the Boston College Supplement Essay
  3. Boston College Essay Prompts
  4. Tips on Making a Successful Boston College Essay

When students are thinking about entering a college, they usually have to write an essay for applying. Needless to say, it must be a strong and interesting paper to ensure the admission officers about you deserve to study here. 

Boston College is a wonderful choice for students. Of course, it's important to create a successful supplemental essay to be applied. In this guide, we're going to share useful secrets about making a good Boston college supplement essay that will help you to make your dream come true. Write an excellent paper to surprise the officers and get approved in the college without stress!

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Information About the Boston College Supplement Essay

Many applicants have no idea about the college application they need to write. Below, you can read some FAQ to understand the main details of the Boston college supplement essay.

  • Does Boston College have supplemental essays?

Yes, first-year applicants of the Boston College are required to write a separate essay as a part of their Boston College Supplement. Every applicant can select from 4 essay prompts.

  • Does Boston College require an essay?

Yes, Boston College requires its applicants to write an essay that must be no longer than 400 words. You select the one prompt and create a unique story.

  • What is a supplemental essay for college?

Besides the Common Application essay, some colleges require applicants to create a supplemental essay. Thanks to this paper, future students can demonstrate their interest in studying, and the admission committee gets the opportunity to get to know students better. 

  • What is Boston College known for?

Boston College is a popular institution that is known as the leader in scientific inquiry and liberal arts. It was founded by Jesuits in 1863. At first, it was a liberal arts school but nowadays, this college offers around  60 majors, including finance, biology, economics, and many others. Many students select Boston College for studying.

Boston College Essay Prompts

Please view the topics for the Boston College supplying essay in 2022. You will also find some recommendations for every prompt to understand the main requirements. Remember that you have to choose just one topic from these four, and your whole paper shouldn't be longer than 400 words. 

  1. They say that great art nourishes our spirit and mind, evoking people's sense of wonder. Write about a certain song, speech, novel, or a poem that always makes you feel like that?

For Boston College admission officers, it's important to see in your paper something more than just a short overview of your favorite poem, book, song, or a novel. The committee will be looking for an answer to how much art means for you. If you are going to select this prompt, a good idea is to tell a story about your life and a certain piece of art. Think about which kind of books can fill you with motivation and full confidence. Don't write about any book until you feel it by your heart and read it several times, and like every sentence. You may choose classic books, old poems, or modern songs. Remember that every sentence of your paper must be filled with your mood. Tell the admissions about how you feel during reading or listening. Why it inspires you, gives you energy or helps to relax before going to bed.

  1. Joining a new college means interacting with new people with various experiences, views, and backgrounds. Tell something about your experiences, views, and backgrounds. How can it enrich the community of the college?

This topic means writing a personal essay about yourself. Tell the committee where you're from, what shaped you as a person, and how you got your views. You can write about your experience and provide situations from your life that impacted you a lot. Make a comparison between you in the current time and you being a member of the Boston College's community. Think about what your future classmates can learn from you. Maybe you have something interesting to tell about your ethnicity, cuisine, culture, and traditions of your hometown. If you have a letter of intent graduate school, use it for inspiration or some interesting ideas. Remember that your story must be very bright and interesting to attract the attention of the officers.     

  1. Students of Boston College learn a lot of courses, including the liberal arts, personal formation, and quality teaching. Imagine you would be able to make a new course for this college. What contemporary problem or question would you address?

Do you have a wish to change something in this world and make the world better? Can you inspire others to join you? How would you make others follow your plan? It's a topic for those people who want to implement some great changes in the college program. Maybe you would like to learn more about healthcare and medicine? Or probably a new literature course to be closer to the art pieces. Just use your imagination and think about what could be useful to learn for students. Of course, we suggest considering your interests. Needless to say, the admission committee pays attention to the most creative stories.  

  1. For Jesuits, liberal arts was considered as a way to grow up intellectually and make a strong character. and Think thoroughly and write what values and beliefs make your decisions in the current day, and how Boston College will help you to be a better and smarter person who acts to make this world better?

This is a good prompt to select by students who are interested in philosophy. According to the question, you need to connect your interests in the college with some personal values and beliefs. Explain why you want to study at Boston College. It may be because of religion or you just saw a new opportunity to grow. We suggest viewing a college's website and look at its programs, traditions, and offices. Browse other useful blogs such as UC essay prompts, MIT essay promptsUSC essay prompts, or Apply Texas essay prompt in our library. Fill your paper with many details, paint a picture to impress the admission committee, and make them sure you deserve to learn in this college!

Tips on Making a Successful Boston College Essay

Use these simple tips to find out how to write a college essay and increase your chances to become a student at Boston College!

  • Your paper must have a good hook. In a couple of first sentences of your essay, you need to catch the attention of the officers to make them read the entire document. 
  • Your work is specific and detailed. Share more details, give actual names of people, fill your story with life. It is a good instrument to show the connection between your values and experience. 
  • Focus your paper on a key value of Jesuits. It means you have to show your desire to help others and be a part of the college's community. 
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