Here’s Why You Should Choose a Basic College Application

Here’s Why You Should Choose a Basic College Application
Table of Contents
  1. Here’s Why You Should Choose a Basic College Application
  2. What is the common application for college admissions?
  3. Basic parts of common app
  4. Personal information in common application
  5. Your educational history
  6. Honors or awards
  7. Your personal essay
  8. Teacher recommendations
  9. Great benefits
  10. Major reasons to use a common college application
  11. Saving a lot of time
  12. Staying organized
  13. Helping your school counselors and teachers
  14. What if I still have problems?

All universities have their unique admission process. Some of them have specific forms to accept applicants, others rely on the common college application. What is it? Check a complete list of the most important things that all students should know when they apply to any university.

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What is the common application for college admissions?

Common application can be quite complex and contain several parts. Since the number of people applying to universities and seeking education increases each year, the modern competition keeps growing. That’s why most students prefer to apply to more than only one school, which only adds more work.

A growing number of universities use the common application method, it started in 1975, and all students can utilize it if they have their access to the Internet and a personal account. How does it work? This common system allows them to use the same set of materials to apply to many institutions at once.


Basic parts of common app

What are basic parts of common app? Similar to traditional options, basic college applications has their essential parts.

  • Applicants provide personal information (their citizenship, ethnicity, gender).
  • Students share their educational history.
  • They share their honors and awards.
  • Students submit a basic college application essay.
  • Teacher recommendations.

Personal information in common application

What goes first? Answer questions about your family details and languages you speak to give universities a better idea of who you are. Look for colleges without an application fee on the common apps to save money and benefit from all available rights.

Your educational history

Provide information about your education. For the committee to accept you, tell them more about your high school and academic performance, like a list of classes. This common application part plays an important role. Most universities or other institutions ask students to submit their official high-school documents to confirm their words. That’s why your dishonesty is a big mistake. Watch out for all kinds of the spelling or other errors.


Honors or awards

In this common application section, feel free to list your honors, awards, extra-curriculum activities because they’re important. Think hard to write many of them. Use different volunteer organizations, sports teams, part-time jobs as excellent examples, but you should add less structured activities. Many colleges want to accept students with different interests. If you demonstrate your responsibility, hard work, or similar traits, you can be very appealing to admission committee officials.

You might also want to see National Honor Society essay examples.  

Your personal essay

Write your common app personal essay. It’s a part that shows your ability to communicate in writing and demonstrate your good critical thinking skills. Choose from open-ended questions about yourself. Answer it within a limited word count and use this chance to explain yourself in a way that other common application parts don’t.

This part allows you to be more creative and show how you think or see the world according to your personal experiences. How to choose the right topics for college essays? Think about how it relates to the university you would like to attend and write down your answer to prompts. Member schools request regular changes to essay questions or application materials, so they later each year. The more time you spend on this part, the better.


Teacher recommendations

It’s the last part – you need to ask a professor for a letter of recommendation. This is where teachers with personal connections to you write their letters in support of you as an applicant to describe important personal qualities or why colleges should accept you. You have no control over what teachers may write. Choose teachers who taught relevant subjects or something you want to study or teachers whose classes you struggled but managed to succeed.

Great benefits

What benefits does the common application have? The greatest one is that it represents many institutions, so students choose it because of the flexibility and user-friendly interface. Since the common application has been around for many years, most guidance counselors and high school teachers are familiar with its requirements or rules and know how to fill out the required parts. It has a new account rollover feature. It means that students can start their common application early to roll your important information when it opens.


Major reasons to use a common college application

Why use it? The common college application is convenient and benefits because it helps you:

  • Save a lot of time;
  • Stay organized to do everything on time;
  • Assist your school counselors and teachers.

Saving a lot of time

What is the best thing? Most students use the common application because all they need to do is to enter their information only once. What does this information include? You should provide your:

  • Address
  • Name
  • High school
  • Birthdate
  • Grades
  • SAT or ACT test scores
  • Leadership experiences
  • Activities list
  • Working experience
  • Volunteer hours

If you use the common application, you’ll enter this information into your personal profile to let the schools you apply to view it. It’s very easy!


Staying organized

Using a common college application is an effective way to stay on track or be more organized. When you add schools to your list, they show up on a dashboard. You know all application deadlines or supplemental materials. Unlike standard paper formats, the common application has no resumes, essays, or other documents to dig through. Upload your papers and submit all materials.


Helping your school counselors and teachers

Using the common application benefits you because it simplifies the entire process even for your teachers or school counselors. If you need their recommendations, teachers can upload them directly because they do everything online fast.


What if I still have problems?

If you’re facing difficulties with the common application or Coalition application essay, you can find more useful tips on essay writing or contact our international team of expert writers to complete everything for you while meeting all the requirements.