How to Write the Cornell Engineering Essay - Expert Tips

How to Write the Cornell Engineering Essay - Expert Tips
Table of Contents
  1. How to Write the Cornell Engineering Essay - Expert Tips
  2. Show Your Identity
  3. Be Different from Others.
  4. Do Not Forget about Personalization
  5. Remember about Brevity and Compliance.
  6. You Can Go Beyond Examination Results
  7. Step-by-Step Handling Process.

When applying to any educational establishment, many US and world universities require their applicants to send admissions essays, where potential students should briefly describe their personality and interest in the chosen educational institution. Cornell University is not an exception in this regards. If you are going to apply, you should know how to write Cornell engineering essay and be able to express your thoughts on paper. Application essays play an important role and can even become a decisive factor to get accepted.

Writing of Cornell engineering essay is not so easy as it may seem to be. This paper should make you stand out from the crowd of other application posts and prove that your profile fits the position. That’s why you should approach this task with in-depth preparation. If you do not know what purpose should your Cornell engineering essay serve, or need help with college essay, here are some of the points to keep in mind when coping with admission essay writing.

Show Your Identity

This paper is meant to show identity of the undergraduate, his interests, values in life, and goals one aims to pursue. Here you can talk about significant events in your life. List your main achievements, working experiences and hobbies. People from the admissions committee should understand what you are excited about, what’s exciting for you to learn, what innovative aspirations you will bring to them. Instead of presenting yourself as a fake identity, it is a way better to emphasize your best qualities. The admissions committee at Cornell will easily distinguish those applicants who lie in their writing. They are looking to find real information about a real student.

If you need to write a letter of recommendation to a scholarship program, find tips and the right way of asking professor for letter of recommendation.

Be Different from Others.

This piece of writing is one of the best ways to demonstrate applicant’s qualities, knowledge, experience,  and achievements that distinguish him from all other applicants striving to get accepted by the university. Ensure your paper is the maximum informative, full of facts, and is interesting to read from the very first sentence. Your Cornell engineering essay should catch the reader from the very beginning.

Do Not Forget about Personalization

Many applicants are tempted to write a universal paper which can be sent to several universities at once, with no adaptation to a particular environment. Any experienced admissions committee will notice such universality. Instead of writing a general and wordy text, you should better focus on the description of specific reasons that explain why you are interested in acquiring education at that particular university. For example, Johns Hopkins supplemental essays, Duke essays, Emory supplemental essays as well as Caltech essays have their own requirements. So, your work should be based on them.

Remember about Brevity and Compliance.

It is necessary to ensure that the paper for Cornell University fully meets the requirements of the university and courses. This is one of the most common mistakes many people make. Pay attention to the writing format, structure, and word count to be met. Instead of writing a long and wordy text, ensure that each word or sentence serves its purpose. If it seems that the idea to be expressed is impossible to be voiced more concisely, there is always a way to achieve brevity. Do not write useless text.

You Can Go Beyond Examination Results

This paper can help you “balance” low examination rates. In application writing, you have the opportunity to explain the major reasons of your poor results. You may successfully participate in some school activities outside the framework of academic disciplines (in sports, charity, arts, science, etc.).

Just like writing personal statement, Cornell essay is a creative task; there is no universal way of doing it, which can cause a problem to you. Avoiding common problems is a straight way to success. Here are some of the errors for you to never forget about. They can prompt you to write a winning Cornell engineering supplement essay and will improve the entire writing process.

  1. Don’t repeat what has been already written in your application. Cornell essay is an opportunity to tell the admissions committee about everything that is not required to be provided in other documents. Alternaternatively, you can expand this information with fascinating details and your own reflections. It is not your examination results that prove your intellectual level; your text can serve that purpose.
  2. Focus on a specific university; do not submit a general paper. Your paper should tell the admissions committee why you would love to study in this university, and not somewhere else, and prove that you are a good candidate to get accepted.
  3. Do not write a long and boring introduction. The admissions committee at Cornell University checks hundreds of papers every day. So if your introduction will not be different from others, you risk losing attention of your readers. The opening paragraph of the paper for Cornell University should be bright and exciting; it should describe your brightest idea on a given topic or tell a story that explains your way of thinking and personality.
  4. Do not try to tell much information.Your Cornell essay is not a book or a course work, so it's better to focus on one topic and support it with strong arguments.
  5. Your Cornell engineering essay should not be impersonal. This work should reflect your unique writing style and ideas; it should stand out from thousands of other applications and reveal a lot of interesting information about you.
  6. Do not forget to carefully check/ re-read your paper before sending it to the admissions office. We strongly recommend you to go through grammar, punctuation, spelling and stylistic components several times.
  7. Do not try to look different from how you are. Members of the admissions committee know perfectly well that there are no ideal students. So if you try to be liked and pretend to be a different person, the examiners will see it.
  8. Do not ignore questions you are supposed to answer in your paper for Cornell University. The application form at Cornell University contains a number of topics that you need to cover in your paper.

It is not so easy to write a winning paper. Following the above recommendations and common app essay tips will increase your chances of getting accepted and starting studying sciences.

Step-by-Step Handling Process.

It is a way easier to approach the task if to divide it into several subtasks and plan the entire writing process.

  • Prepare an outline and write a draft;
  • Answer all the questions in the draft;
  • Ensure that your argument support the thesis;
  • Take care of the introduction - it must be original and catchy;
  • Write clearly, ensure that your work is easy to read;
  • Be honest and confident;
  • Express your thoughts consistently, clearly, and briefly;
  • Write about yourself and provide examples from life;
  • Write about your goals to the future;
  • As a supplemental point, do not forget to mention your hobbies, interests, social activities, etc.;
  • Explain why you decided to apply to this college/ university/ program;
  • List your skills, provide illustrative examples;
  • Re-read your Cornell paper at least three times.

The above list will guide you on the process. When writing a paper to submit with the application, remember that your main goal is to be noticed from the army of other applicants from schools. Be original and plan the content of your paper in detail. We wish you good luck!