Peculiarities and Features of Writing a Why Brown Essay That Brings Success

Peculiarities and Features of Writing a Why Brown Essay That Brings Success
Table of Contents
  1. Peculiarities and Features of Writing a Why Brown Essay That Brings Success
  2. Why Brown Essay Prompts
  3. Brown University motivation essay - basic features
  4. Brown University admission essay structure
  5. How to start a motivation essay for Brown University?
  6. How to explain why Brown?
  7. Why Brown University?

If you are going to apply to Brown University and have no other choice rather than getting accepted, then you need to write an admission essay that will allow you to stand out from the army of other applicants. How to make sure that your admission essay brings you “yes” and nothing other than that? What to focus on when writing an essay to the admission committee? Admission essay writing service will answer each question further in this professional post (don’t forget to check the other posts), so read to learn everything special about sending an application to Brown.

Why Brown Essay Prompts

Every state and private university (no matter if it is technical or general) has got a common assignment - an application essay. Brown University is not an exception. Every year the university situated in Providence state gives applicants an opportunity to express their motivation in an essay. Here are some Why Brown essay prompts for you. Keep them in mind to write some training sample essays.

  1. First of all, a Why Brown essay implies your interest in a current university. You can write an essay about the history of this university located in Providence state. Probably, history keeps many people famous around the world who studied here. Learn the most prominent years of this establishment. 
  2. The question “Why Brown University?” implies your experiences concerning studying and life. Write about your native city, state, or country. There is something unique in your location to explore and put into an essay. Share your thoughts about local colleges and why Brown university is the best option for you. Describe the classes you would like to attend. Use online this video to learn what the university expects from its applicants and what it is ready to get them. 
  3. Don’t forget to find out your unique advantages and common interests. Write about your achievements and experiences in different spheres of life. Open the eyes of the commission members to your common interests, everything you love, and expectations. They should know what you can contribute into the mutual future. Share your advantages and try to “sell yourself”. 
  4. One of the common tips for all application essays topics - don’t hesitate to tell a story. Tell a simple story about something. It might be your personal story or something that seems interesting for you. You have got an opportunity to share it with everyone. Sound your opinion towards the experiences in the story. Process the information properly, so everyone can see your talent. 

Remember to show your passion for the process of admission. Show that Brown is your current unique opportunity for a better future.

Brown University motivation essay - basic features

Writing a motivational essay when applying to Brown University often confuses students. What information to write in a motivation essay? How to write it according to all the rules and persuade the admission community that you are the best candidate? How to call for their interests in your experiences and unique state of values? This is a question list that those applying to Brown university have.

Although admission essay is associated with the creativity of the applicant, there are still some formal rules to be followed. By taking care of the paper content, structure, formatting, and messaging, you can deliver a motivation letter that will impress any admission committee. Unsure of being able to deliver a winning application or scholarship essay on your own? No problem - contact us and assign this task to dedicated writers who will simply take care of your academic excellence! Everything goes online - your city or state does not matter!

Brown University admission essay structure

The classic motivation essay is divided into three major parts (check college application essay examples to get inspired):

  1. The introduction part;
  2. The body part;
  3. The conclusion part.

Pay special attention to writing the introduction and conclusion part of your admission essay. Thus, it is your chance to make sure that the most critical information is best remembered by the committee and helps you make the right first impression.

All three parts of a motivational essay should be logically structured. In order for your text to be interesting and informative, it should contain answers to the following questions:

  • How and why did you become interested in a particular and the faculty you are applying to?
  • How can you demonstrate your interest in studying in Brown?
  • Why did you choose this particular institution?
  • What career prospects and chance variety are you considering after graduating from the university?
  • Have you had to overcome difficult situations and obstacles (financial, social, physical) to achieve your goals?
  • Discuss what skills and personal qualities do you have and can employ when studying at Brown University.
  • What achievements and experiences of yours can you call?
  • How do you show the strengths and values of your personality in life?
  • What should make a person who simply reads hundreds of such essays daily remember you?

As you can see, a good college admissions essay is by no means a short text consisting of several thematic parts. A truly winning piece of written arts should cover both the student’s story about himself and his strengths, as well as the research of why he chooses this particular faculty and university.

How to start a motivation essay for Brown University?

It is best to start a prompt motivation essay with the process of brief presentation about yourself:

  • Present and place data on your previous education, values, and area of interest;
  • Draw up a short summary of your achievements (publications, participation in conferences or discuss clubs, methodological work); 
  • Outline your future goals and values.

Just like it comes with writing a recommendation letter, all these will help the admission committee understand who they are dealing with. Further, it is necessary to reflect the main idea of your writing - why you are applying to Brown and why you want to study on a specific faculty. This logic of presenting the case will help you convey your message best. 

How to explain why Brown?

Another important element of a motivation essay to Brown University is the rationale for choosing it. The admission committee should understand what exactly the applicant appreciates in the educational institution and why he has chosen Brown University, among other available options. To make this section constructive and logically connected to the entire text, you need to familiarize yourself with the description of the master's program you have chosen, to fit its curriculum, and all the features of Brown University.

It is these points that are crucial in the analysis of the motivation essay; therefore, pay special attention to this type of data if you want to pass the admissions committee with ease. Of course, the format of a motivation essay is also of some common importance: it should have a formal style, be written in classic black font. It is also recommended to use font highlighting important information in the text so that the reader doesn’t spend time searching for it.

Why Brown University?

Brown University has recently become one of the thirty leading US universities. It is no wonder - there are a number of reasons and tips on why education in Brown can help build a new successful career. Take a look at the list to prepare good reasoning for why you strive for comprehensive personal growth and self-development in Brown.

  • Brown University is considered one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the United States; it has a rich academic tradition. Engineering, biology, mathematics, and physics classes are considered the best in Brown.
  • The university has a top-class rating in education and learning in such fields as Life Sciences and Medicine, Natural Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Social Sciences and Management, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science. It is also included in the top universities in the direction of “Art and Humanities.”
  • Brown University is regularly recognized as one of the best universities in terms of education quality.
  • At Brown University, special attention is paid to sporting events. Among the most developed sports that are worth highlighting are baseball, sailing, English football, and other team sports.
  • Like other universities of the Ivy League, Brown has rich student traditions - from a freshman gathering to free large-scale dance events and competitions on campus. Online life is intensive, as well.
  • During all years since 1960, Brown Weekend music concerts have been held in Brown, featuring popular musicians and bands. In addition, the tradition of holding noisy annual student parties has formed in the 2000s.
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