How to Write the University of Washington Essay [2022-2023]

How to Write the University of Washington Essay [2022-2023]
Table of Contents
  1. How to Write the University of Washington Essay [2022-2023]
  2. Tips and Tricks on How to Write the University of Washington Essay [2022-2023]
  3. 1. Essay Prompt [Obligatory]
  4. 2. Short Response or Essay on community/diversity
  5. 3. Additional Information
  6. 4. Additional Space
  7. Conclusion

The University of Washington has been a prominent educational institution since 1861. It focuses on public research. The resources owned by the university are impressive, and add value to the education received there. As a result, becoming a part of the UW community becomes a mission impossible for an average student. Despite the strict selection, 33 percent of the undergraduate community is represented by various minorities.

Entering UW is a goal of many graduates. The way to UW is paved with hardships. If you decided to take it, read the tips on how to write the University of Washington Essay 2022 - 2023 or get college application essay help.

Tips and Tricks on How to Write the University of Washington Essay [2022-2023]

UW takes a prominent place on most global university ratings. Its reputation and fame go beyond the USA. Entering UW is more than enrolling in an educational course. UW is a ticket to a successful future, instant employment, and lucrative career. In addition to high SAT, ACT and GPA grades, all applicants are required to go through the UW acceptance procedure. 

UW’s requirement is to write a college application essay. The essay is supposed to serve as a mirror that reflects a person behind the words. It is a chance to share a personal story and display potential via a set of writing tasks. UW puts two tasks one Coalition essay and the second prompt on community and diversity. Besides, the optional spaces are provided. Read on to get a detailed explanation of each one. 

1. Essay Prompt [Obligatory]

“Tell a story from your life, describing an experience that either demonstrates your character or helped to shape it.”

The trick is in the wording of this task. In 2016, UW received a record-breaking number of applications from students representing every state. It almost reached 26 000. Every applicant is represented by the story. Hence, in order to stand out of the crowd as large as 26 thousand people, be unique and prove you are worth it. The UW essay should contain a piece of really valuable information. Focusing on the essay is crucial since the academic performance of most applicants is equally high and flawless. They are all qualified based on their scores. It takes more than an achieved number to get into UW. A lot will be defined by the college essay topics that stand out

Presenting a story from an action movie is not necessary. A hint is to spend enough time thinking about the structure and emotional load your words carry. It often happens that in your head, the story sounds emotional, but on paper it is dry. Invest enough analysis and make sure that every word is expressing the right meaning. Remember to keep it personal, but keep the language register on a proper level. The reader you are aiming at is an officer who will be checking the work. That person will decide your future. Imagine that you entered the interview and started it with the high five instead of official greeting and handshake. The word choice is what matters most. Use words as a weapon that will win your place under the UW sun.

Work on the introduction. The opening of the essay is a starter for you as a writer. It is like a small talk that people have. It might not convey and important meaning but makes a good impression. It also gives you a start line. 

The next step is to select the events you want to base the essay on. If you have experiences that caused problems, you need to hold back on describing them. A piece of advice on controversial facts of your life is to run it by a couple of adults from your family. Remember that we tend to be biased about our personal experiences, especially if they were recent. The essay should only contain the events that you learned life lessons from. 

Multiple sources give access to the sample essays that were once written by applicants. If you are looking for examples check out the college essay examples that won the hearts and minds of the admissions officers previously. For sure you cannot use the same ideas, but it will serve as a good example. 

2. Short Response or Essay on community/diversity

“Our families and communities often define us and our individual worlds. Community might refer to your cultural group, extended family, religious group, neighborhood or school, sports team or club, co-workers, etc. Describe the world you come from and how you, as a product of it, might add to the diversity of the UW.”

The environment builds up our personalities. This task aims at understanding your background and how it influenced you. Roles models and behaviors that a person is surrounded by are leaving their marks. You are asked to write about your background and settings you developed your life views in. Hence, while describing your community, focus on what is your place in there. 

Whatever community you come from, try to draw the example of how it formed and changed your views. For example, you have neighbors who have lived on a farm their whole life and believe that it is the best place to be. You, on the other side, want to know your options before you settle. Explain how people might be having a strong belief in something, only because they do not open up to other ideas. Be careful not to get carried away and show poor judgment. Concentrate on the conclusions you draw from that experience without criticizing others. 

3. Additional Information

“You are not required to write anything in this section, but you may include additional information if something has particular significance to you.”

The field is optional and can be used for clarifications and miscellaneous information. Remember that an admissions officer wants to see the quality, not quantity. It applies to any other university, be it Boston University supplemental essaysCarnegie Mellon essay, or Stanford essays for example. A common mistake is using that space for telling unnecessary stories. 

If you have no major achievements or major difficulties on your learning path, the section should not be used. Using the space for writing one personal statement will sooner waste the time of the reader and leave them frustrated. 

4. Additional Space

Filling in the last optional space is appropriate if previous questions in your application need any explanation. This 200-word space is an opportunity for you to explain some points in your application. If you had a gap year, suffered any trauma that made you skip a lesson, write about it in short. However, make sure that everything you write corresponds to the purpose. Checking your essay for relevance is vital. If you have hesitations, consider professional help with writing the admission promptly. 


Taking your grammar and spelling is on a perfect level, it still does not guarantee you the entrance to the UW. It takes an extraordinary talent for combining words and meanings to produce a valuable piece of text. It is worth starting your preparation from thorough studying of the requirements and essays written by other students. Moving on, think your life over and pick a selection of events that influenced you in any way. Read a lot and pay attention to how other people describe details. Remember that the essays in the UW requirements have a limited number of words. Unlike your school teacher, the admissions officer will be very precise when he puts the grade on your essay. You need to be precise and expressive at the same time. If that task looks confusing, consider asking experienced specialists for help with your admission essay writing.