How to Write the Stanford University Essays for 2022 Admission

How to Write the Stanford University Essays for 2022 Admission
Table of Contents
  1. How to Write the Stanford University Essays for 2022 Admission
  2. Stanford Application Process and Requirements
  3. Standford Essay Prompts
  4. Tips to Write Fantastic Stanford Essay
  5. 1. Make It Sound Like You
  6. 2. Do Not Use Overused Phrases and Avoid Cliches
  7. 3. Always Double-check Your Work
  8. How many essays does Stanford require?
  9. What GPA do you need to get into Stanford?
  10. Does Stanford require an SAT essay?

Stanford University has a prestigious reputation of being among the most difficult universities to get into in the country. Therefore, students who are thinking of applying are about to cross paths with the biggest challenge of them all. Their creativity and writing skills will be tested in many different ways.

Fear not, as nothing is impossible. A Stanford essay is a great opportunity to reveal your best qualities to admissions. Starting your Stanford applicant essay isn't that hard if you include all the essentials you have to offer. 

It's vital that you take these tidbits and evenly distribute them across your supplement. Avoid repetition at all times, and try to have some fun while writing as this can significantly help express your creativity. 

Most importantly, try to instill your positive thinking and spirit with your essay. These statistics should help you get a real picture of admits and applicants. 

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Stanford Application Process and Requirements

Submitting your application to Stanford is easy; you can do it online. There are two types of application:

  • Coalition Application
  • Common Application

Aside from your application, Stanford University also requires the Stanford Questions. You can access this questionnaire in both applications. To get access, just add Stanford University to your list of colleges. First-year students are required to submit the Stanford Questions through their online application.

It's essential to keep in mind that Stanford Application means you're applying to the university as a whole, not to a particular school, department of major. The university doesn't want to bound freshmen to make such selections although, they do encourage new students to name their career interests and prospective majors in the application.

Standford Essay Prompts

Freshmen can select one of the Stanford application essay-prompts for their personal Stanford essay. The prompts depend on the type of application. 

We have listed the following prompts for Coalition Application. With this application, our recommendation is to write an essay of 500 to 550 words. 

Here is the list of prompts at your disposal:

  • Write an exciting story from your life - describe an event or an experience that made a profound impact on you and your character
  • Describe how you helped do the greater good by making a meaningful contribution to other people - describe some event associated with you assisting others for the greater good. Reflect on the challenges and rewards of doing the greater good.
  • Describe the time when your beliefs have been challenged. You can include your response to the challenge as well as how it affected your beliefs.
  • Try to focus on all the challenges students are facing today - the point is to answer the best and hardest part of being a student. If you could advise future students, what would it be?

Pick one of these topics and submit your essay.

When it comes to Common Application prompts, we suggest that you write an essay that ranges between 250 and 650 words. Here is the list of prompts:

  • Share your story and include a talent, interest, identity, or background that defines you. Explain why you feel this specific quality is paramount for your application.
  • Reflect on a specific moment in time when you faced a failure, setback, or challenge. Since this was an important lesson in your life, write about the things you've learned from this experience and how it affected you.
  • Every person challenges or questions an idea or a belief. If this happened to you, reflect on that time. Explain what made you do that as well as the outcome.
  • Name a problem that you'd like to solve or a problem you've found the solution for. This problem can be anything from an ethical dilemma, a research query, or an intellectual challenge. Any event of personal importance counts. Explain why this matters to you and how you managed to find a solution.
  • Describe a realization, event, or accomplishment that helped you get a better understanding of others or yourself. Explain how it impacted your personal growth.
  • Take a concept, idea, or topic that you find exciting and engaging and describe why it is so. Explain why this particular concept captivates you. Name a person or a source you turn to when you want to find out new things and learn more.

Pick any essay topics for college and write an essay about it. This can be anything: an essay of your design, one that gets into a different prompt or something you've already written about. To get an idea of what these prompts look like, we have Apply Texas essay prompt, Vanderbilt essay prompts and USC essay prompts to take as an example. Here are more application essay key prompts to consider.

Tips to Write Fantastic Stanford Essay

Here are some tips that should help you nail your Stanford essay with success.

1. Make It Sound Like You

Your essay is like your short biography that serves the purpose of presenting your personality and qualities to the admissions committee so that they get to know you. The committee relies on honors, grades, test scores, and your essay to determine who you really are.

Use your voice to present yourself in the best light possible. Name your strengths, interests, thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and aspirations. Your essay is how you present yourself to the committee and the Stanford community.

2. Do Not Use Overused Phrases and Avoid Cliches

Stanford is a prestigious university where great minds get to come together and use their combined knowledge to make the world a better place. You can't expect to become a part of something that big by using overused quotes and outdated cliches.

Writing your Stanford essay is all about being original, yourself. Get creative, use your intuition, and try to wow the committee by writing something from the heart instead of just using idioms, phrases, and quotes that thousands have used before you. Strive for originality above all.

3. Always Double-check Your Work

We don't have to emphasize the importance of submitting a flawless essay. If you're to pass the Stanford admissions committee, you'll need to make sure that your essays are impeccable. Double-check everything, proofread at least twice and make sure you edit all necessary things. 

Your essay should be free of any grammar and spelling errors. Ask a pair of fresh eyes to go through it, just to make sure. Run your work through a grammar and spelling check before submission. 

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How many essays does Stanford require?

Stanford typically requires a total of four essays as a part of every new application for admission. There are two different applications, each with different prompts. You'll need to answer a prompt by your choice if you're to submit your Stanford application through. Do not forget to find out Stanford University acceptance rate to understand what the university expects from its applicants.

Aside from essays, you'll also need to answer three Stanford-specific short essay questions:

  1. Stanford University is a community of individuals who are driven to learn in the classroom and outside of it. Does learning excite you? Describe an experience or idea that inspires you to learn.
  2. Stanford's undergraduates live on campus. If you could write a note to your future roommate that reveals something about you, what would it be? Help us get to know you better as a person.
  3. Every person is unique. Tell us what makes you unique and why it's meaningful to you.

What GPA do you need to get into Stanford?

The GPA requirement needs to be above average if you want to get into Stanford. The average GPA at Stanford is 3.94. However, keep in mind that this is just the bare minimum to make sure your application won't be immediately rejected.

Stanford wants only the best of the best. That means that you'll need straight A's in all classes to beat the competition. Taking hard classes like IB or AP courses will give you an advantage as showing such college-level academics is precisely what Stanford's admissions committee is after.

Does Stanford require an SAT essay?

Stanford requires new students to take either the ACT or SAT to submit an application. Your application greatly depends on this, and you'll have to put some extra effort into nailing it. The average SAT score composite at Stanford is 1500. 

The SAT score is one of the most critical factors of your testing strategy. When it comes to the SAT score choice, Stanford applies the policy of all scores. While this is daunting, to say the least, Stanford puts focus on the highest individual Writing, Math and Critical Reading scores. 

Writing your Stanford essay requires a good dose of intuition, skill, vigilance, and originality. You can get creative or allow professionals to help you do it. Hiring a professional college admission essay writing service enables you to achieve your college goals by submitting brilliant essays.