SAT Essay: Writing Tips for High Score

SAT Essay: Writing Tips for High Score
Table of Contents
  1. SAT Essay: Writing Tips for High Score
  2. Task Description
  3. How to Succeed with a SAT Essay
  4. State Your Thesis
  5. Introduction and a Conclusion are Connected
  6. Keep Focus on Your Writing Style
  7. Use Your Task
  8. Only Relevant Details
  9. Read the Prompt First
  10. Accurate Facts Only
  11. Write More
  12. Professional SAT Essay Help

SAT essay is a task that requires lots of attention from a writer and certain skills to be on a proper level. In this article our experts will explain you what a SAT essay really is and how to write a winning paper. It is not as serious as your college application but still a hard task to deal with. And remember, in case you have problems with your essay, you can immediately get admissions essay help from our top writers.

The list of tips in this article will give you the widest view of what a real SAT essay should look like. Of course, your score depends on you and your skill, but we can help you to improve it.

Task Description

Right from the start you need to realize that SAT essay is a very brief task that requires just not more than 50 minutes. During this time you need to read an article about 500 words or more, then make a quick analysis of the style and tools the writer used to tell their story, and then you need to create an essay.

The style, format, and entire approach for this type of an essay is a bit different from the experience you have from school. The main goal of this task is to grab as many details as  possible during a particular period of time. So, read or tips for SAT essay writing below.

How to Succeed with a SAT Essay

Let’s discuss the main criteria and components of the SAT essay. Usually, the structure of this type of essay is typical and consists of three main parts:

  1. Introduction
  2. Body
  3. Conclusion

State Your Thesis

Thesis statement is a must have almost for any type of academic paper or essay for college. In case with SAT essay your main argument and claim must be perfectly-clear to the audience. Just try to frame the main problem and goal of your paper right from the start in the Introduction section. Them make everything possible to support it.

What this means is that your essay needs to make a clear argument that the reader can easily identify. All you have to do to create your "precise central claim" is to identify the main idea of the passage and list the methods the author uses to support it.

Introduction and a Conclusion are Connected

Introduction and Conclusion are essential for SAT essay and will bring you more than 4 points for the final score. Both parts should be written properly and contain the main idea of your entire text. You need to create a proper essay part so the score could get as high as possible. Do not ignore these two parts as students often think the Body is the main thing they need to focus on.

The Introduction is the first thing that your reader sees and it should be catchy. The best thing is to start it with a hook sentence. Try to engage your reader right from the start with some interesting or even surprising information.

Some sources may advise you to write at least one of those two essay parts. But please do not trust such statements as for high score no matter what kind of essay you are dealing with you need to complete all paper parts equally good. In the SAT essay you need to tell about all the tools and methods the author uses to present his point of view.

You may find it quite difficult to write an Introduction or Conclusion to make it as powerful as the Body section. You need to get a thesis that will be strong and easy to get supported. Sometimes it is useful to start with a Conclusion first. This method is often considered to be really helpful if you do not know where to start but already see the result. It may save you some time in class.

Keep Focus on Your Writing Style

There are not too many specific requirements regarding the writing style of SAT essay. Your paper should be confident and effective demonstrating a perfect language.

Some sources state that a student needs to use a command language. This skill is one of those a person develops in some period of time. So, sometimes it is just impossible for some students to demonstrate such confidence in language due to their less experience. It may seem a harder task for them and they decide to focus on other aspects of a perfect and winning SAT essay.

You also need to know that your tone should be formal and your language convincing. Do not also forget about grammar. It is extremely important to deliver a proper paper with no mistakes and informal language. Keep in mind that it is a serious type of work where your opinion just does not matter.

You need to keep your eye on some certain words such as transitional ones, and do not use them too often. Take this restriction as a perfect opportunity to show off and demonstrate your vocabulary. Of course, there is no need to use those words you don’t know or if they are just inappropriate to your topic. Enough is enough and you should always know the limit.

All those transitional words and restrictions about style are the main reason why you need to proofread your text and edit it. So, you need to plan this piece of time before you even start writing your essay. The best advice here will be to use free writing and then polish the text after the draft is finished.

Use Your Task

The main benefit of SAT essay is that you already have some sort of a solution directly in your problem. Your question is connected to the passage of text you need to read and analyze. It means that all the information you need to answer this question is there. You do not need to use any other sources and external articles. The only thing that will help you to succeed is the text you need to analyze.

Only Relevant Details

There are lots of details about the text you analyze you may want to use in your essay. But be careful and do not use too many details. There is no need to do that if you do not want to lose the right direction and effectiveness of your paper in general.

Your task is not to find all those important details in text. Your task is to use the most relevant of those details. Your skill of finding and analyzing information is important here more than ever. Just like in your ACT essay

Read the Prompt First

It is always important to read the prompt first. You need to know the main idea behind the text and the identification of the author’ style. All these points are already described in prompt. This information will help you to identify the entire direction of your SAT essay.

Accurate Facts Only

Your task is not just to find and describe all the methods and tools the author uses in his writing. You also need to explain the effect his writing and his style has on the audience. This is much more interesting and harder at the same time. There is no need to be very accurate regarding the effects but you need to be crystal-clear about the methods the author used in his work. Try to do a convincing explanation and use only reputable sources to prove you are right.

Write More

As it may seem to be very obvious, we need to focus your attention on this part once again. One page SAT essay is not enough for a high score. You need to be better than the rest of students. You want to create a great analytical paper with lots of details and clear explanations. More papers take more time but it also brings higher grades. Always, remember about that if you want to get a high score.

Professional SAT Essay Help

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