Proper ACT Essay Writing: Step-by-Step Guide

Proper ACT Essay Writing: Step-by-Step Guide
Table of Contents
  1. Proper ACT Essay Writing: Step-by-Step Guide
  2. 8 Stages of ACT Essay Writing
  3. Start with Planning
  4. 1. Read the Prompt
  5. 2. Come Up with Ideas for Perspectives
  6. 3. Analyze other perspectives
  7. 4. Structure Your Paper
  8. ACT and SAT Essay Writing
  9. 5. Introduction
  10. 6. Body
  11. 7. Conclusion
  12. Editing & Proofreading
  13. 8. Reread and Edit
  14. Conclusion

There are eight simple steps of writing an ACT essay. These are mostly common stages of writing for any other essay, but of course with some special features. By saying simple steps we do not mean easy. The task is quite tricky and can confuse you right from the start, just like an essay for college admission. So, please continue reading to find out how to succeed with your writing, or get admission essay help from our best writers.

8 Stages of ACT Essay Writing

The standard list of tips for ACT essay is very typical for lots of other papers. But this is a step-by-step instruction of developing a proper draft with all required features and parts. The goal of this list is to make your writing process easier and clearer. Planning is the best thing you can take for yourself out of this article.

Start with Planning

Even if the deadline is too short and you think you do not have time to plan, you still have to take a moment (just 10-15 minutes is enough) just to imagine the direction you need to follow. Pay attention to this step and use your analyzing skills.

1. Read the Prompt

The very first and the most obvious thing you need to do is to read the prompt. The most obvious task in your ACT essay is to analyze the relationship between four perspectives. You need to read the prompt to obviously understand the task.

Each of these perspectives has unique features to open your topic and identify the direction of your ACT essay. Three of them are already described in the prompt and the fourth one you need to analyze by yourself. You may also come up with one more vision regarding the main topic, but it is not recommended as you need to save time to compare four perspectives.

2. Come Up with Ideas for Perspectives

ACT essay needs to describe the relationship between your perspective and other three. You need to compare at least one pair. The writer has to take challenge use those perspective that requires some research and work. You need to find evidence to support your point of view and perspective.

The task in this step is to find as many evidence as possible. All of them should be relevant and useful. Then you will need to take only those that are the best fitting and most effective. Make a short list, just take general notes without thinking of how it will look in your ACT essay. Just collect the relevant info first.

3. Analyze other perspectives

In case with ACT essay or ACT paper there is no one proper way to do the task. You need to deal with this fact and create your ACT essay following just your experience and research. ACT include optional essay with lots of directions it can go. The result you will get depends hardly on the point of view you have regarding the topic. You may agree with perspective that is totally negative regarding intelligent machines. Other perspectives support it. Then you must build your paper according to the relationship between the perspective you support and other two.

In case I have strong evidence against one perspective and nothing against the other one, I should not discuss it at all. It is allowed by the task instructions. But in this case you need to have absolutely perfect evidence to support your perspective.

4. Structure Your Paper

After all the evidences are collected and everything is well-prepared for your writing you can start structuring the essay. This is the best time to organize your ACT and think out all the details and transitions. Also, consider creating an outline. A simple plan will help you stay organized. Outlines can be used not only before writing an ACT essay, but also in other types of academic papers – SAT essay, NHS essay and so on.

You may start right from the introduction identifying your thesis statement and move to the body and conclusion part. Some people prefer starting with the conclusion. It makes sense sometimes, especially when you are not sure enough how to start your paper but already has a clear view of the ending.

ACT and SAT Essay Writing

After your planning is over you can start writing. Please make sure you have enough time for that. Consider having about thirty minutes and do not take too long to start.

5. Introduction

This is the place to state your thesis. This is the main idea of the entire text. This is where the entire story begins with all proper details and directions.

For your Introduction you should come up with something catchy. Hook sentence is a must for any essay as it helps you to engage your reader to continue reading. You also need to provide a striking glimpse of your main theme and direction. Consider not too many sentences. The Introduction should be brief and striking with clear thesis and message.

6. Body

Classic essay structure uses only three paragraphs for the Body section. Well, it depends on the type of paper you are writing, actually. But no matter how many paragraphs you have, it is better to refer to your thesis in each of them to remind your reader your point of view.

Also you need to describe each new argument in a separate paragraph. Then you will summarize everything in the Conclusion.

7. Conclusion

This is the part where you need to summarize everything up and restate your thesis. You can use some new way of providing your main idea but do not use any new directions.

Editing & Proofreading

After finishing your final ACT essay draft it is time to polish it.

8. Reread and Edit

Editing and proofreading stage is equally important as the writing one is. You need to take it seriously and focus. Try to read it few times aloud to find out how it sounds.


ACT essay is not the easiest task to deal with. It requires time and there is one easy way to deal with it properly. Our professional writers are ready help you out providing top-class ACT essay delivered on-time.