What are the Hardest Colleges to Get Into [2022-2023]

What are the Hardest Colleges to Get Into [2022-2023]
Table of Contents
  1. What are the Hardest Colleges to Get Into [2022-2023]
  2. What makes up a college reputation and prestige?
  3. 1. Brown University
  4. 2. Columbia University
  5. 3. Private Research University in Chicago
  6. 4. Princeton University
  7. 5. Yale University
  8. 6. Institute of Technology in California
  9. 7. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  10. 8. Stanford University
  11. 9. Harvard University

Wearing a neat sweater with a university brand, carrying a pile of papers with school curriculums and syllabus is a dream of every eager student graduating from high school. Young and dreamy minds may not know yet the words like acceptance rate and cost for school tuition might turn the dream into a nightmare. To be prepared for the challenge, you need to be aware of the upcoming bumps. In case you have troubles with your application essay, our  college admission essay writers can help you with that.

What makes up a college reputation and prestige? 

The characteristics of a good educational establishment are based on two features: research and academics. The aim of the institution is to supply the constant influx of scholars and scientists who will use the university as a basis for their breakthrough research. Some invest more in the research, some give a wider range of opportunities for students to learn. Every establishment has a certain niche, like an institute of technology or arts. Another point is the financing of the institution. The schools might be public and private. 

Over the last decade, the list of educational establishments with the best opportunities has contained pretty much the same items. The higher your desired institutions sit on the university rankings, the more obstacles you will face on the way. For sure all the institutions belonging to the Ivy League built their fame on demanding admission requirements. Here is the review of other elite universities that are considered to be the hardest to get into. 

1. Brown University 

A university is famous for its influential academic culture. The admission process has its peculiarities and features. The institution has been working since 1764. It is privately owned. The undergraduate population accounts for about 7500. As to the cost for school tuition, it comes up to $ 59 000. 
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2. Columbia University 

Columbia University has been a prominent educational establishment for more than 250 years. Within that time, it enhanced the range of academic programs. Nowadays, Columbia’s acceptance rate is 7 percent. As with most reputable schools, New York Columbia University has a set of conditions a student needs to fulfill to enter. Among the standard application forms, there is a supplement package. It includes a vital for Columbia essay prompts.  Being smart is often not enough for a student to enter. The wise and witty approach is required to walk the streets of Columbia campus. 

3. Private Research University in Chicago

Chicago University’s history starts back in 1890. It might be the university with the most attractive residence for students which contains 88 hectares of premises. The rate of acceptance is about 8 %, for sure, fluctuating every year. The number of undergraduate audiences is about seven thousand people. 

4. Princeton University

Princeton University owns about ten library holdings. About half of Princeton Students have international academic experience. The undergraduate students account for a bit more than 5000 and around 13 % are international students. Hence, joining this community is the best way to start your career networking. 

5. Yale University

Yale University is an aristocratic nest. The best academic facilities, libraries, innovative programs keep the standard high. Yale acceptance rate is as little as seven percent and the tuition costs get up to $80 000. 

6. Institute of Technology in California

Looking at this list, a Pasadena university CalTech seems like the most achievable goal. Let’s stop you before you relax, the number of undergraduates accounts for less than 1000 students. A small intellectual community of Pasadena is everything a scientist dreams of. With the acceptance rate of eight percent, only the top students get in. 

7. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

For all the technology admirers the MIT in Cambridge is a paradise. The institute was founded in 1861 to support the industrial revolution. It still works on improving the technology and upgrading the quality of life of average people. Innovative research, creative ideas, groundbreaking inventions make MIT an inevitable part of the technological life of the USA. Nevertheless, the enrollment rate is very low. The MIT acceptance rate is about 7% which means that getting at MIT takes a scientist. If you decide to try your luck with it, make sure to provide the right documents and work hard on your application essay.

8. Stanford University 

The Stanford University founder took pride in the institution. It was created in memory of a child of California senator. Since the time of foundation, the university followed the principles of caring about the student community. It does not change the fact that Stanford accepts the top students only. The Stanford acceptance rate is only 5 percent.

9. Harvard University

On top of being a noble educational institution, Harvard is a tourist attraction. It brings the attention of thousands of travelers from every corner of the globe. Having a rich history, huge libraries with the ancient wisdom of the world, Harvard will not settle for a low SAT grade. The Harvard acceptance rate gets lower with time. The 2020 acceptance index was as little as 5 percent. For the huge population of the USA, this number is frustrating. However, it only gives those who got in more pride. 


The Ivy League diploma has proven to be a guarantee for a lucrative career. Hence, the attention to the universities and colleges combined under this name. With the pass of time, the enrollment process will only get harder. Making a mistake at any stage of applying leads to failure to get through for sure. With that in mind, one should take the preparation for the Ivy League entrance campaign seriously. Regardless of the institution, a certain list of requirements is universal. Every applicant will have to go through the assessment process to receive the verdict. If you feel like writing an admission essay is hitting above your weight, seek assistance from professional writers and save your sleep for the future.