MIT Acceptance Rate: Requirements, Rules, and Ultimate Tips

MIT Acceptance Rate: Requirements, Rules, and Ultimate Tips
Table of Contents
  1. MIT Acceptance Rate: Requirements, Rules, and Ultimate Tips
  2. Is it difficult to get into MIT?
  3. MIT acceptance rate
  4. Acceptance rules and requirements
  5. What GPA do I need to get into MIT?
  6. SAT requirements
  7. ACT requirements
  8. Admission deadline and requirements
  9. Is there early college admission?
  10. What qualities do I need to have to become an MIT student?
  11. 1.Ability to work with different people and within different settings
  12. 2. Limitless creativity
  13. 3. Initiative
  14. 4. Uniqueness
  15. 5. Pay attention to your grades long before graduation
  16. 6. Be compelling and have goals
  17. Final thoughts

Depending on the industry students want to delve into, they choose different educational institutions. However, no matter what they desire, MIT is always on their radars. And there is no need to wonder, as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology tends to be the top tier university for those who want to learn the ropes of the most in-demand subjects. The article examines a current MIT acceptance rate coupled with requirements, rules, and deadlines. But, don’t forget that a good admission essay is a key to success. Hire an admission essay writer who will help you get the best application essay.

Is it difficult to get into MIT?

Since the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the most reputed and best technology universities, the acceptance rate makes it hard to get into. Only talented people who are determined and know what they want to become can get accepted. That is why the application process includes several components to choose the best candidates. Such a complex process is also a win-win situation for students, which means that even though the GPA is crucial, you can level off your chances by demonstrating other vital accomplishments. 


MIT acceptance rate 

The Massachusetts Institute Of Technology currently has an acceptance rate of 7.8%. It means that seven students out of 100 applicants get allocated to the course. Compared to other universities, MIT has a relatively high acceptance rate. For instance, Princeton and Harvard acceptance have lower than 5% rates. 

Acceptance rules and requirements

The institution pays close attention to your accomplishments, tests, and extracurricular activities related to technology. These, coupled with other achievements, boost your chances of getting accepted to the program. Here is the list of required components to include:

  • SAT or ACT
  • Five short essays attached to the application
  • Two recommendation letters
  • Portfolios depending on the course

Do not forget about MIT supplemental essays, it is crucial for every student who is going to enter such kind of Institute.

What GPA do I need to get into MIT?

Unlike many other universities, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology doesn’t divulge the average of its accepted applicants. And even though it focuses more on the candidates’ SAT or ACT tests and other accomplishments, GPA is also taken into account. 

That is, students are highly recommended to have a relatively high average to get into MIT. If you have a competitive score but lack exciting extracurricular activities, your chances to enter college will still be high. 

SAT requirements

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology requires passing an SAT or ACT test. The vast majority of applicants (over 70%) choose to pass the SAT test.



25 percentile

75 percentile








The data indicates that the candidates who passed Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and got more than 730 points have competitive chances to get into MIT. Those who accumulate a 1580 SAT test score or higher are likely to get accepted to the college.

ACT requirements

In turn, over 40% of students prefer to take an ACT test. The statistics for the previous years looks the following way:


25 Percentile

75 Percentile











As can be observed, the average student gets 35 of Composite, which gives good odds to get into MIT. Besides, the same as with the SAT test, the Massachusetts Institute of Technologies doesn’t require completing the writing section. 

Admission deadline and requirements

There are two MIT admissions. The first is the MIT Early Action, and it lasts until November 1st. The second is the MIT regular college admission, and its deadline is set for January 1st. 

When it comes to the admission requirements, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology asks for:

  • Biographical information
  • Application essays
  • Two recommendation letters from school teachers of different disciplines
  • Transcript of records
  • SAT or ACT standardized tests (canceled during the 2020/2021 academic year)
  • Midyear grades every applican

Bonus: We have a sample request for letter of recommendation from professor. Use it any time you need.

Is there early college admission?

Yes, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology provides Early Action, a college admission process that starts in August and lasts until November 1st. According to the official bulletin, the decisions are non-binding and will be announced in mid-December. 

At most universities, the acceptance rate for Early Action applications is higher than the average. The exception may be Harvard, with its overall acceptance rate of 5% and early one of 14%. In turn, MIT has approximately the same acceptance score for the Early Action process and regular admission. 

What qualities do I need to have to become an MIT student? 

If you are a determined applicant and want to become a robust and intelligent MIT community member, you have to meet several requirements. You should demonstrate your genuine interest in a certain field. Also, make sure to have, pick up, or develop the following qualities and abilities to become an MIT admitted student.

1.Ability to work with different people and within different settings

MIT doesn’t expect that you have achieved impressive technology or non-technology-wise things in the past. It focuses on the candidate’s enthusiasm to work with people and apply cutting-edge technologies. If you are driven by the idea that keeps you active, you are the competitive applicant the university is looking for. Working with people who share the same interest is the most crucial thing, and if you are open to collaboration and intense work, the doors are open.

2. Limitless creativity

We live in a fast-paced environment where creativity sets its own rules. With its help, society has implemented myriads of things to make our life a better place. Even though such innovation is unpredictable and risky, you never know the outcomes if you don’t try. The university motivates students to apply new things and create something exclusive. And to coin such items, you should demonstrate your creativity and passion!

3. Initiative

There are many opportunities at MIT that allow students to apply modern technology. You have to stand out and prove that you are ready to get things done. If you are confident enough and ready to take advantage of research projects, grant money, and useful lectures, MIT is waiting for you!

How to get into MIT. Top tips from a pro to stand out from the rest         

Getting into MIT is by no means an easy mission. You have to be fully prepared to make your chances of being accepted high. College is not something that is taken for granted. It also expects output from students and graduates. Here are some useful tips from people who are either current students or have already graduated from MIT.

4. Uniqueness 

No need to pretend that you have a knack for dozens of subjects. The committee comprises astute people who analyze every school graduate and who can see whether you have legitimate intentions to become an MIT student or not. 

5. Pay attention to your grades long before graduation

Every MIT admitted student is academically-gifted. Otherwise, they wouldn’t study at MIT and graduate from it. Enroll in classes that are interesting to you. Even though they might be hard and you won’t get A+, the committee will keep a tally of such courses. Thus, keep in mind your school grades several years before graduating. 

6. Be compelling and have goals

Indeed, you don’t need to have exact goals to become an admitted student. However, you should have the idea you nurture and want to apply in the future. Be it programming, engineering, or anything else, make sure to describe how you can improve the education and world itself. 

Final thoughts

Even though getting into MIT is challenging and may sometimes feel insurmountable, it is not unattainable! Through hard work, planning, and passion, everyone has equal chances of being accepted. The main things to remember about are an aced ACT/SAT test, a high GPA score, and a successful interview. Should you have any additional questions regarding the application process, turn to our competent service to get instant help.