How to Get Into NYU - University’s Acceptance Rate & Tips

How to Get Into NYU - University’s Acceptance Rate & Tips
Table of Contents
  1. How to Get Into NYU - University’s Acceptance Rate & Tips
  2. How Hard Is It To Get Into NYU?
  3. What Is NYU Looking for in Applicants?
  4. NYU Application Deadlines and Requirements
  5. NYU Application Essay
  6. Tips for Getting Into NYU
  7. Tip 1 - Apply for an Early Decision
  8. Tip 2 - Attend University Summer Programs
  9. Tip 3 - Demonstrate Your Interest
  10. Tip 4 - Prepare a Wowing Portfolio

Have got your eyes on New York University? Consider NYU one of your top choices? If you strive to get into NYU, then your application should be strong enough to let you stand out from the crowd of other applicants. The acceptance rate at New York University is declining every year, so you need to ensure that all parts of your application are highly competitive and outstanding.

In this post, we will discuss everything you need to know to get into NYU - from the NYU's admission requirements to critical things that should be a part of the application. Keep reading to know how to build a strong application and get a “yes” from the NYU admission commission. Have no idea how to polish your profile? Let professional admission essay writing service do the magic for you and build a stellar application for you.

How Hard Is It To Get Into NYU?

If you want to get in, then the very first thing to check is the university acceptance rate. This tells you how competitive the university is and how strict their requirements are. Over the last 10 years, the number of applications to NYU rose by 300%, whereas the acceptance rate has fallen from 65% to 15%. In 2020, the recorded acceptance rate at New York University was just 15%, which means that for every 100 applicants, only 15 were admitted. NYU admission commission is highly selective, so you need to do the tough work in order to get in. 

So what does the NYU admissions committee look for in a successful candidate? And how to build the best possible college application? Let’s look for creative ways to make your application stand out from the pack. 

What Is NYU Looking for in Applicants?

New York University has its focus on student diversity - more than 28% of university students are not US residents and are international. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to be from outside the USA in order to be accepted by the NYU admissions people. There are a way more other things to focus on:

  • GPA requirements - the average GPA level at NYU is 3.69. So you have to be above average in your high school class in order to compete effectively against other applicants. With a mix of A’s and B’s (with the former dominating), you will demonstrate that you are able to handle complex academics better than an average high school student would do. This will add an extra advantage to your application;
  • Testing requirements (SAT and ACT grades) - you should take either SAT or ACT in order to submit a strong application to NYU. It is not enough just to take the standardized testing; you are to do it well. Thus, for SAT, the score should be at a level no lower than 1440 (out of 1600) so that your application is placed above the average. The average score for the ACT new essay that makes you strongly competitive at NYU is 32. Those being at a lower score level have a very hard time getting in;
  • Application requirements - just like any school, New York University requires an application with the bare essentials. Among the elements that should be the part of your NYU application are your high school transcript and GPA, the standard application form, SAT/ ACT scores, recommendation letter, application essay, and an audition or a portfolio for some specific programs. If you do not know what data are to be provided, it is necessary that you check the application specs on the NYU official site.

NYU Application Deadlines and Requirements

Another important thing is that there are two decision deadlines at New York University - Nov, 1 (early decision deadline) and Jan, 1 (regular decision deadline). Those who apply before/ on Nov, 1 get the final decision on Dec, 15. Those who submit their application later learn on Feb, 15. So you need to make sure that your application is ready and successfully submitted before the due date. Otherwise, you will have to wait for the next year to apply.

Of course, you can apply to NYU early. But you will have to get your applications back from other schools since you cannot submit any new applications. Early application to NYU allows you to assess your admissions chances and know the final decision at an early stage. However, if you do not get accepted during the “early” period, you cannot apply again the same year.

NYU Application Essay

Writing a personal statement must be a part of your application to NYU. The university admissions committee asks all applicants to explain why they want to enroll in NYU. The admissions people want to know more about your interest and motivation to study at New York University. The prompt essay should not exceed 400 words and should make it clear why you want to attend NYU. That’s why you should know everything about the university/ class you want to attend and demonstrate all your strong sides.

Tips for Getting Into NYU

Although New York University is a highly competitive and a tough university to get in, you can still prove to admissions officers that you are a perfect fit for one of their academic programs. The below tips will help you build a strong, angular profile.

Tip 1 - Apply for an Early Decision

Get an early decision, show to university admissions people that you are extremely enthusiastic about NYU and that you love the school.

Tip 2 - Attend University Summer Programs 

Thus, you will gain a picture of the life and routine at NYU. Feel free to choose the program that matches your interest or take classes for credit.

Tip 3 - Demonstrate Your Interest

It is important for the NYU admissions commission to see that you are interested in getting the NYU diploma. Therefore, you are to step up your game and demonstrate your interest. Talk to real university students (or graduates), visit the NYU campus, attend information sessions - boost your profile.

Tip 4 - Prepare a Wowing Portfolio

Make sure that the portfolio you submit is just stellar. Showcase your unique talents and individuality. Instead of submitting generic works, demonstrate your personality and one-of-the-kind vision. Need someone to supervise and take a look at your portfolio? Give us a couple of hours to review polish the data before you submit it to NYU.

Ready, Steady, Go!

If you want to get into NYU, then you need to give yourself some time to research application requirements and to polish your profile. It is never a good idea to leave one month or so to this difficult task. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you start your preparations in time or order professional services. Regardless of the approach you choose, we wish you good luck in this tough but perspective business.