Harvard University - Admission Requirements and Acceptance Rate [2022-2023]

Harvard University - Admission Requirements and Acceptance Rate [2022-2023]
Table of Contents
  1. Harvard University - Admission Requirements and Acceptance Rate [2022-2023]
  2. How to Asses the Chances on Getting into Harvard University
  3. A perfect Student Profile for Harvard School
  4. Conclusion

Having a diploma from Harvard University is a dream of every geek. No doubt getting into this institution takes more than having good grades, it needs superscore. Students know that their college application process is quite tough, and sometimes they consider the option of using a professional  college admission essay writing service. The university is famous for going above and beyond to provide the best academic experience for the students. Modern strategies of teaching and harsh policy of acceptance create an impression that the walls of Harvard are too strong to conquer. Let’s look into the description of all the requirements we know of and at the average applicant’s profile. 

It is hard to find a person who does not realize why Harvard is a quality place to start your future with. If you are still wondering whether education is a fruitful time investment, check out the life stories of the influential tech founders and businessmen. Some entered and dropped out, but yet the feeling of achievement due to getting into Harvard school never left them. The application submitting time is one of the most turbulent for every student. Unfortunately, nothing can prevent an applicant from going through the process of acceptance. 

How to Asses the Chances on Getting into Harvard University

Entering Harvard University is not a mission impossible. It is important to be situationally aware. The environment that you are going to be in as an applicant is more than just competitive. It requires a readiness to fight for every score, submitting every essay prompt long before the deadline expires, and be on top of the game. Brace yourself for the challenge, but have in mind the end result that will bring you a cloudless future. 

What puts Harvard on the pedestal of the oldest universities in the United States is its reputation. It was not created in a day. With time, the bar is being set higher and higher every year. The applications are impeccable, yet the acceptance rate is 4.6 %. Approximately fifty thousand students apply to Harvard annually. Alas, only some get the honor to be a part of that elite community. Here are the technical admission requirements that the school presents. Study them carefully to understand the value of each one. 

  1. The first step is submitting Common, Universal College or Coalition Application Forms. Disregarding the application form, the admissions officers will be looking into each one according to the same protocol. It is recommended to submit the whole application package on time. Mind that the school should send the confirmation in two weeks after receiving your documents. In case you have nothing in your inbox, contact them. 
  2. Fill in the Harvard questions or supplement, depending on the application form you are using.
  3. Use the Applicant portal in case you need to fix some information in your application. 

After finishing with the application, the following list of documents should be prepared: 

  1. School Reports are presented to the admissions board for the student performance assessment. The reports that can be provided include Midyear School Report, Teacher Evaluations, Final School Report and Transcript. 
  2. Standardized Test Scores should be represented by either ACT or SAT. However, the SAT essay might be or not be included. Scores from SAT 25- 75 the percentile accepted to Harvard students were around 1570. As to the ACT scores, it came up to 35 on average. 
  3. SAT subject tests.
  4. The supplemental material section exists for the applicants to display their extraordinary achievements. In case the previous sections of the form did not provide the exhaustive resume of your skills and abilities, upload it to the supplemental field.

Besides collecting the required documents, add recommendation letters and awards you received. If you have a chance to ask your teacher for a letter, emphasize the importance of describing you as a personality with a bright future. A couple of letters would work much better than one of course. The application needs to be realistic and impressive, not dry and full of numbers. The words and events are what the officers want to perceive to make up an image of you in their heads. Remember, anything template- like that you will use in your application will only steer you in the pot with thousands of other applicants. Everything you submit to the Harvard School should be created from scratch and authentic.

A perfect Student Profile for Harvard School

On completing the formal part of the process, submitting all the documents, move to the assessment of your personality. Since you are at the stage where you are graduating from school, changing a lot will not be possible. What you need to do now is to present what you have from the right angle. 

  • Personality description. Your personality and academic progress should be presented in bright light as much as possible. Everything about your profile should shout that you improve constantly and are ready for life-changing inventions in this life. Show how you built up your personality, what you used as a guide and what strategy will you implement to succeed further. This school is looking for an individual with a spike, not an average student. There should be an inside drive that is visible through that application the officer is reading. Your life and time distribution should not necessarily be balanced and perfect as long as you have a greater reason for doing things. 
  • Activities. Having a high GPA, knowing the school syllabus by heart is not going to get you anywhere with Harvard. What they want from a student, is a desire for a breakthrough regardless of the sphere of knowledge. Focus on your passion, combine it with the description of your skills, and you will have a composite of a Harvard freshman. 
  • It is all about personal contributions. If previously you have not been active around your community or school, Harvard will bring you a chance. Every student, teacher, and member of their community has to bring their input to the table. If you had no previous experience, you might focus on describing the future contribution. Think of what you can do to improve life on the campus of the university. 
  • Think carefully when writing the supplement essay. Read our blog about the Vanderbilt supplement essay if you need some help with such a task. Set the goal to impress the admissions officer so much, that he will leave work that day thinking about your essay. Harvard’s choice will fall on a person who has a plan to take part in great changes. Someone who will bring fame to the university, enhance the quality of people’s lives and win the Nobel Prize. Having that in mind, look through the latest updates in the world and check where your input might be needed. For sure, you might not have the professional skills now, but prove it to the officer that Havard is going to be inevitable for your career.
  • Emphasize your special skills, try not to be well - rounded. Knowing everything means that knowledge is superficial. Unless you are a superhero. The choice of the narrow field of activity and developing certain skills is preferable. Hence, when you apply, try to cover in detail the skills you are best at. 


There are a couple points that every applicant needs to remember. Every educational establishment has priorities as to the student they want to admit. These students can be defined as potential superstars. They will be great inventors, scientists, scholars, and businessmen. What unites them is creativity, critical thinking, and passion for their job. Becoming one of Harvard students is a task that requires a lot of effort. It might be the case when you are extraordinary, but you struggle with presenting your admission essay in a way that displays your potential. Getting into the Harvard program is once in a lifetime experience. If you are a top student in your school, then you for sure deserve it. That goal is possible to reach, but you might need extra help and assistance. With enough time dedicated to the application, you will be accepted. Having a plan B has never hurt anyone before though.