College Essays that Worked. Essays About love win students their admissions

College Essays that Worked. Essays About love win students their admissions

Do you want to write your essay about love? All people have their unique understanding of the most serious human emotion they face each day because love is a mysterious or infinite universe. This topic is worthy of being admired or investigated. If you decide to write your essay about family love or similar subjects, you don’t have to be experienced in love affairs. Each person has something to say about this strong feeling. In case you have troubles with your essay, get college admission essay help.

Writing a great essay about family love

By completing your short essay about love, you get your unique opportunity to share thoughts or ideas with others, challenge opponents to your word duel, and feed supporters with new suggestions to study in the college you want. Essays about love offer you a chance to encourage readers to think similarly, there are different levels to keep in mind when you form your strong argument and support it on several pages:

  • Prewriting;
  • Determining;
  • Sharing your overall message;
  • Finding arguments in its favor;
  • Personalizing;
  • Concluding.


It’s time to brainstorm your college essay topic ideas. Love is a broad topic, that’s why prewriting is important to help you share what you feel about your loved ones within a limited number of words. Think about your essay about family love to write down everything that comes to your mind and make good choices.


What type of love do you choose? Decide on the best type to investigate. Look through the results of your prewriting sessions to carefully highlight major points to include in your essay about love. To turn this paper into your cohesive or interesting piece of writing, narrow down your topic by choosing only one love type to focus on it. Some students choose friendship love to their special ones. Others prefer to write about family love.

Sharing your overall message

Take a look at your prewriting results to make your overall statement about this feeling important in any person’s life. Refer to your personal experiences if you want to tell readers that love is a mess, or describe love between children and their caring parents because it helps them face all obstacles. Link each essay element to its central idea.

Finding arguments in its favor

Your next step is to find strong facts or other details to prove your overall message in this essay. Give a short list of elements to prove your statement. You can get these points from prewriting results or after brainstorming more arguments if they’re broad enough.


Why include your real-life experiences? Colleges are happy to receive application essays based on real-life experiences about love because they aren’t fake. Share personal anecdotes in this section. Use other effective tools to personalize it.


When you get to your conclusion, sum up everything you say about love to prove that your major argument is well-founded. Describe love in your own words. Give readers your answers regarding:

  • What you feel about love;
  • If you believe that love really exists;
  • What love is for you or if you have any unique criteria;
  • What you think about differences between emotionalism and love;
  • Describe your experience of loving someone.


After thinking about the above-mention subtopics, you’ll determine your own thinking about love and write the best application paper about it. Make several drafts to make it simple and error-free. After drafting, it’s easy to find and fix all mistakes. Writing about love requires your full dedication or devotion, write from your heart to get amazing results. To submit your best college essays, all you need to do is to follow the right pattern of its conclusion, body, introduction. Don’t forget free writing. You should do it on your first draft to gather all important ideas roughly, ensure that your final draft contains their strong organization or arrangement. If you ramble, they will sound incomprehensive or bad.

Helpful tips to get you started

Use effective tips to get you started and write your fantastic college admissions paper:

  • Avoid writing about the first topic about love that comes to your mind;
  • Find something extraordinary in ordinary issues;
  • Choose your original topic that doesn’t repeat any information in your college application;
  • Avoid bad or boring topics;
  • Be authentic.

Be choosy

Don’t write about the first topic you choose. You shouldn’t decide on your final topic too early because you need to brainstorm to find something extraordinary in ordinary matters. Resist your temptation to write something great about yourself. Take ordinary subjects to explain why they’re special. You can approach any subject this way if you succeed to focus on its profundity, uniqueness, or beauty. Read sample scholarship essays that worked.

Don’t repeat information in your application

It’s important not to repeat any information in your college application because your personal story or opinion should reveal hidden aspects of your life. If you tell admissions officers that you like robotics or play sports in others parts of your application, choose other subjects to talk about.

Avoid bad topics, be authentic

Bad topics will ruin any paper. Although they may sound meaningful or interesting, it’ll be hard for you to stand out if you choose any of them. Find more original topics to write about. Choosing unique themes to discuss in your paper is one of the most effective ways to increase your chance to get to the college you want.

Be authentic when writing about love, this means that you shouldn’t pretend to be someone else or write something that sounds boring or fake. Don’t try to impress the committee. Be yourself to have fun with the entire process. If you face any problems when writing about love in your college application, order this paper from us. You’ll never be disappointed. Our online service guarantees the best quality and customer satisfaction.