Types of Citing Sources

When you’re working on college papers, it’s quite important to cite sources correctly. Of course, some students have no idea about specific rules, and they're too lazy to search and read requirements for different types of citations. On this category page, you will find useful links about citation styles. If you’re making a science report or an essay and have to cite sources correctly in APA, MLA, or Chicago format, feel free to review and discover our articles to complete a wonderful document.

Differences Between Citation Styles

There are different types of styles that have various requirements for citing. For example, you may be required to select from:

  • APA style (for Sciences, Psychology, and Education papers)
  • Chicago style (for Arts, History, and Business documents)
  • MLA style (for Humanities)

Before you start fulfilling your task, please make sure you have read the teacher’s requirements carefully, and chosen the right citation style. Please read the instructions to cite sources in accordance with the rules for every style. The main goal of citing is to help your readers to search and review information from a certain source you have used in your manuscript. It’s also very important to cite your sources to avoid plagiarism and fulfill your task following the main requirements given by the teacher or professor.

Discover the main rules and see the differences between styles in the articles listed below.

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A Guide to APA Citation Format

A Guide to APA Citation Format

Searching for a proper guide on APA citation format? Need information on what it entails? Plannig to make use of the APA citation format on your current research project or a document you are working on? If your answer to any or all of these questions is 'YES', then, search no further, you have come...